Why choosing baby shower games


Making cute baby things? Using baby products? Or even making guests act like a baby? I don’t know about you, but I can really make a lot fun out of virtually anything.

In fact, if you’re the same type of creative, this is the best part of your baby shower!

And this is also the most difficult part of baby shower planning – there are too many ideas flooding on the internet that you might have not idea how to get the most suitable one for you (and for the mom-to-be too).

No matter what kind of baby shower games you’re looking for, keep in mind who you are inviting to the baby shower.

If you’re throwing a coed baby shower, you should be very careful of the male guests’ feeling.  For fun, here are two typical understanding of what men think of baby showers.

– “Crazy stuff. Like eating poo, playing sadistic games, talking about diaper genies.”

– “I’m pretty sure girls goo goo gaa gaa over all the baby gifts, talk about their own babies if they have one, and leave guys just sit on the couch and drink beer.”

So if you’ve already decided to invite guys to your baby shower, you’d better force them to have a good time.

A great idea is to have a MEN VS WOMEN baby shower scrapbook contest.

The object is to come up with the best scrapping pages. Well the trick of it all is the women are not really going to participate.

You just want to see what the men would come up with.  You could have them go through about six or seven scrapbooks separately before they start actually putting their ideas together.

They will be very interested and the outcome will be great.

If you’re looking for some games for baby showers required guests to bring items to the baby shower, you’d better choose the right game before sending out invitations.

When you have no idea in choosing baby shower games, consider using a theme.

My experiences tell me that carrying your Shower theme into the planning will make choosing those games so much easier.

Still have no clue?

If your theme is all about a new baby’s tiny feet, besides decorating light blue, pink and white, you can surprise the mom-to-be with a baby foot casting kit from Everlasting treasures.  And entertain your guests with fun baby feet games like Baby Are Made Of and New Baby Footprint and Handprint Advice.  What if you’re planning a baby shower for the parents-to-be of twins?

You could have baby shower games for the twosies theme that includes the famous Noah’s Ark and Animal Babies Match.  For fun, have all the guests bring two gifts, and have 2 of everything possible at the shower – from 2 small cakes (instead of one) to 2 winners of each game.

Here is the game salvation when you are pulling your hair out but can’t be satisfied with any game idea.

Karaoke! But you may have no idea how funny it is when you have guests sing for their dinner at a baby shower. Whether it’s a whole song, or just a few lines, make everyone participate by not letting them eat unless they sing.  Everybody knows children’s lullabies, but you can also include songs with Baby in the title like ‘Achtung Baby’ by U2.

One final thought before you make the game decision is designating a Shower assistant (or a cost-hostess) to help you.  Depending on how complicated the games you chose are, you may want an extra hand – after all, you need to enjoy the Shower too!

Looking for more ideas of baby shower entertainments? Qing Gu shares with you unique party experiences of using these printable baby shower games that you’ll have full access to over 225 of the latest baby shower game ideas and activities.

Qing has also setup a cool online community for web savvy Shower hostess to share their baby shower ideas and photos so that Shower beginners can get inspired from these original party ideas.


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